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Borrell: Pristina’s chief negotiator in Brussels today

BRUSSELS – EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Josep Borrel announced on Monday continuing Belgrade Pristina technical dialogue in the two phases.

During the press conference after the meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council, he said that the EU expects an agreement to be reached by November 21, i.e. by the deadline set by Kosovo Prime Minister Aljbin Kurti for the expiration of the first phase of the decision on re-registration, after which the owners of vehicles with Serbian plates should be fined.

Miroslav Lajcak is scheduled to meet with Bislimi on Tuesday. After that, in the next phase, the arrival of a delegation from Belgrade is expected so that in the future the two sides will sit down and solve the problems first regarding the license plates, reports the N1 correspondent from Brussels.

The exact moment of the arrival of the Serbian delegation is not yet known, and as we learn, the main negotiator in the technical dialogue and the deputy prime minister of Kosovo, Besnik Bisljimi, is already on the plane.

The Kosovo government set a deadline of October 31 for drivers to replace their Serbian-issued license plates with Republic of Kosovo plates with instructions to police to first issue warnings and then fine drivers who refuse to re-register their vehicles. The Belgrade-backed Serb List initiated a walk-out from all Kosovo institutions following the suspension of the Serb Kosovo Police commander of Region North who refused to issue warnings or fine drivers. So far, Kosovo Serbs have quit the police, judiciary and other institutions, the mayors of four northern majority-Serb municipalities also tendered their resignations and Serb List MPs are no longer in parliament.

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