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Brussels Asks Airlines to Agree on Standard Luggage Sizes

The European Commission has asked airlines to standardise their luggage sizes in order to make things simpler for travellers.

A lack of common measures often causes confusion among airlines’ customers and leads to hidden extra costs.

Many people find it difficult to understand what size items are allowed on board for free, prompting the Commission on Wednesday to make the request to airlines. 

Earlier this year, the European Parliament asked for a standardisation of airlines’ carry-on luggage rules. But instead of proposing measures, the Commission said it prefers to let the industry come up with the rules itself.

“This information should be provided to the travellers from the very beginning to know exactly when you buy a ticket what you are actually buying and what kind of luggage you can bring either on board or in the haul?” Adina Vălean, the European Commissioner for Transport told reporters in Brussels.

“That being said, we reserve our right that, if nothing happens in a reasonable amount of time, we will step in.” 

At the same time, the Commission also proposed a series of measures to reinforce passengers’ rights legislation, with a special focus on the reimbursement of delayed or cancelled trips, after it discovered gaps when it comes to intermodal trips.

One way the Commission is trying to solve this is via a standard EU-wide reimbursement and compensation form. 

But it will also try to help passengers be more aware of their rights, especially if they are travelling by different means of transport or booked the trip through an intermediary.

Source: Euronews