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Brussels takes action against noisy motorbikes

The Brussels region is implementing penalties for motorbikes that are too noisy, according to mobility minister Elke Van den Brandt (Groen).

Van den Brandt announced the plan last October and the first pilot programme, in Evere, has just finished.

“These noises are a real source of external stress for the people of Brussels,” Van den Brandt said.

“It is therefore important to react to this nuisance. And if we have to adapt the noise standards further, that will be the next step.”

Under the new measure, motorbikes that are too noisy will be forced to undergo a technical inspection to determine that they have not been modified in violation of laws, for example by an owner who deliberately removes the baffle to make their motorcycle louder.

“Some motorcyclists do this because they have the impression that the more they are heard, the less risk there is of an accident,” a spokesperson from Brussels Mobility explained. “However, it’s visual contact with other road users that really matters.”

The aim of the measure is to reduce noise pollution in the Belgian capital, as the acceleration of certain engines and the noise of exhaust pipes are nuisances that can harm human health and wellbeing.

Brussels Mobility recently acquired new equipment to check the noise level of motorbikes and any two-wheeled vehicle according to their type approval. The checks will be done more often and also at night.

Source: The Bulletin