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Car Crashes Into Brussels Police Station

A car drove into a police station on Avenue Houba de Strooper in the Brussels municipality of Laken on Sunday evening, Le Soir reports. The vehicle was deliberately rammed into the building by the 35-year-old suspect.

According to reports, the car reversed into the front of the police station after doing doughnuts in the car park. The driver made a sharp turn before slamming into the police station. The building is severely damaged but no injuries have been reported despite the fact that officers were inside at the time of the crash.

The driver has been arrested. An investigation has been opened to understand the motives and the circumstances behind the incident. The prosecution called a forensic laboratory from the Federal Judicial Police to the scene and a road traffic expert was appointed to the case. Several eyewitnesses were interviewed and CCTV footage was accessed by police.

The suspect has since been interviewed by the police. According to his initial testimony, it appears that he suffers from phycological problems. Investigators do not believe that the attack was “specifically directed against the police.” The suspected is not known to Belgium’s security services in relation to terrorism.

The detainee will be handed over to the prosecution today, who will decide on what to do with him next. The prosecution has refused to make any further comment on the investigation.

Source : The Brussel Times