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Cultural Digest: Don’t Miss These Events in Europe This Week

Summer is in full swing so it’s a great time to explore some of these cultural treats and experiences across Europe. But don’t fret if you have to stay indoors, Euronews Culture has got you.

Temperatures are starting to soar across the continent and the festival season is upon us. There are also good times to be had behind closed doors with a number of key shows debuting this week.


Young V and A, London

Catherine, Princess of Wales officially opened the Young V and A in Bethnal Green, London on Wednesday ahead of its public opening on 1 July. After a three-year, £13m (€15 million) makeover, the museum is now more for kids instead of just about them. Gone are the muted tones and objects imprisoned behind glass of the former V and A Museum of Childhood. In are bright colours, sensory playscapes and open design studios. Visitors can enjoy a self-portrait-making station, a storytelling stage, imagination playgrounds and much more.

Paul McCartney, Photographs 1963–64: Eyes of the Storm, National Portrait Gallery, London

Photographs taken by Paul McCartney between December 1963 and February 1964 have gone on display for the first time ever.

The period covered captures a time when The Beatles were catapulted from a British sensation to a global phenomenon. These never-before-seen images offer a uniquely personal perspective on what it was like to be a ‘Beatle’ at the start of ‘Beatlemania’ – and adjusting from playing gigs on UK stages to performing to 73 million Americans on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Royal Collections Museum, Madrid

The long-awaited Royal Collections Gallery in Madrid has finally opened. The sleek new eight-story building, perched on an iconic hillside next to the Royal Palace hosts works spanning five centuries, including masterpieces by Velazquez, Caravaggio, Goya and a first edition of Cervantes’ “Don Quixote.”

Medieval Treasures from the Victoria and Albert Museum: When the English Spoke French, Paris

The exhibition aims to dispel the myth of ‘primitive’ England in the middle ages. Rare treasures that escaped the destruction of the English Reformation show how England was very much part of Europe’s dynamic art, architectural, trade and cultural scene between AD 1000 and AD 1500. Among the exhibits at the Hôtel de la Marine include the Gloucester Candlestick, the Becket Casket, the Clare Chasuble, the Luck of Edenhall and the Syon Cope.

Video Games

Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth

Publisher Annapurna Interactive has announced the launch of Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth. It’s the first entirely new Blade Runner game in 25 years, and will take place between the original movie and its sequel Blade Runner 2049.

Annapurna says the game will be “set in a dystopian Los Angeles after the Blackout hits”, but hasn’t shared any further information on the game or its release date, other than a teaser trailer.

Source: Euro News