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Daimler Buses will present new safety and assistance systems at Busworld (starting with ABA 6 and mirrorcams)

At an exhibition stand with a surface of 2700 square metres (together with Van Hool, the largest of the whole expo), Mercedes-Benz and Setra will showcase at Busworld Europe eight buses and coaches. Three more vehicles from the two major bus and touring coach brands on display in the outdoor exhibition area, including two for test drives. The event highlights electromobility, safety, sustainability, and new services. Daimler Buses’ strength in these areas, including electromobility and safety systems, will be emphasized at Busworld Europe 2023 in Brussels from October 7 to 12.

The brand anticipates that “All vehicles bearing the Mercedes star share a host of new safety and assistance systems“.

Daimler Buses at Busworld: many news about safety

At Busworld Europe 2023 in Brussels, Daimler Buses will be showcasing a comprehensive range of new and enhanced assistance systems.

The new Active Brake Assist 6 (ABA 6) emergency braking assistant for touring coaches and high-floor buses uses a combination of short and long-range radar sensors as well as a camera. Daimler Buses states: “ABA 6 can now independently implement emergency braking in reaction to all kinds of pedestrians and cyclists. It also reacts even more accurately to stationary obstacles along wide bends and even more reliably to multi-lane traffic, lane changes and alternating traffic”.

Daimler Buses is also introducing Preventive Brake Assist 2 for low-floor buses, the next generation of the world’s first active braking assistance system for specialised regular-service buses. This system can react to stationary and moving objects, including pedestrians and cyclists. It can now handle several objects at the same time and, within the system limits, offer improved detection of objects beyond the carriageway.

Sideguard Assist? Now also for the left side

The new Sideguard Assist 2 turning assistant, which is also radar-based, reacts and, “thanks to a new sensor concept, warns even more accurately if there is a risk of collision with pedestrians, cyclists and stationary obstacles. The system is now also used for the driver’s side. This makes turning left even safer”.

Frontguard Assist is completely new, the group underlines. This system is also radar-based. It detects and warns of obstacles or people directly in front of the vehicle up to a speed of 15 km/h. Sideguard Assist 2 and Frontguard Assist combine to provide a complete warning system for obstacles and people to the side and in front of the vehicle.

Also new is the intelligent Traffic Sign Assist speed assistant. It compares the current speed of the vehicle with the permissible vehicle speed and warns the driver if the permitted speed is exceeded.

In future, all Mercedes‑Benz and Setra bus and touring coach model series, whether these are city buses, intercity buses or touring coaches, will be optionally available with MirrorCam instead of the previously installed outside mirrors.

The first time of the 12-meter eCitaro fuel cell

The versatile and economical Mercedes‑Benz Intouro hybrid intercity bus welcomes visitors at the entrance to the bus and touring coach trade fair. Within the exhibition halls, the all-electric eCitaro fuel cell solo bus featuring a fuel cell will be celebrating its premiere. Next to it, an eCitaro with the latest NMC3 battery generation and performance package as well as the Brazilian eO500U city bus chassis as a European premiere will be exhibited.

A Mercedes‑Benz eCitaro G fuel cell is available for test drives outside.

The Mercedes‑Benz Tourismo represents the level of contemporary high-decker touring coaches in the business segment at the exhibition stand in Brussels. “In many respects, it has undergone crucial further development ahead of the trade fair, combining cost-effectiveness, safety and comfort”, Daimler Buses stresses.

In addition to the elegant anthracite metallic paintwork, all vehicles bearing the Mercedes star share a host of new safety and assistance systems. Mercedes‑Benz as a synonym for safety – this will once again be evident at Busworld Europe 2023 in Brussels.

Setra at Busworld with the new MultiClass LE

Setra is also inseparably linked to safety. The exhibition vehicles’ innovations at Busworld Europe 2023 in Brussels once again underline this. The recently unveiled Setra MultiClass LE model series will be celebrating its trade fair premiere. The new, top-of-the-range S 518 LE model demonstrates the remarkable format of the new MultiClass LE in the exhibition’s outdoor area: the three-axle intercity giant with a length of 14.5 metres is ready for test drives – and presents itself with numerous new and further developed safety features.

What about coaches? The Setra ComfortClass high-decker, the TopClass super-high-decker and the stylishly upgraded Setra S 531 DT double-decker touring coach will be in Brussels. Celebrating their premiere a year ago, they are already taking the next step, once again emphasising their technological leadership role.

Omniplus at Busworld

Omniplus, the Daimler Buses service brand, “is showcasing new and proven service solutions in Brussels”, Daimler Buses says. And adds: “The focus is on sustainability, security and digitalisation. Sustainability starts with the manufacturing process, for instance the production of genuine parts. In this context, Omniplus has developed solutions, such as the remanufacturing of parts, 3D printing or the second life for high-voltage batteries. Omniplus training courses serve to ensure the safety of the vehicle, passengers and drivers. The new Premium Dynamic and Premium Regional Dynamic service contracts, which allow for dynamic monthly service rates based on the actual mileage of the vehicles, ensure both safety and economy”.

BusStore, the international quality brand for used buses and touring coaches under the umbrella of Daimler Buses, is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. “Since it was established in 2013, BusStore has become the European market leader in the sector and has continuously expanded its network. The anniversary year will be launched in Brussels with many campaigns”, the brand states.

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