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Dr. Boussouf is close to the “Qatar Gate” file or the mid-December conspiracy


There is no doubt that the “Qatar Gate” file is a major political, judicial and media event that has occupied European public opinion since the ninth of December 2022. Every detail has been thought and planned, starting with the timing of the media bombing, passing through the contents of the case, the indictments, the type of defendants, as well as the Belgian Federal Investigating Judge. And ending with an announcement of the signing of the contract of agreement between the main accused Panzeri with the Public Prosecution in order to assist the investigation and justice with pressure on the second accused in the case Eva Kaili in order to push her to confess until the chapters of the play are completed, and concluded with a plenary session to try the status of the Moroccan press in the European Parliament.

At the same time, the “Qatargate” case witnessed unprecedented media coverage by a right-wing media known for its loyalty to the Algerian regime, with which it has major commercial and financial agreements. The media was one of the powerful parties in blowing up the issue and directing European public opinion towards one destination, i.e. distorting the image of Morocco. And also in withdrawing the State of Qatar from the judicial and media race, especially after Qatar threatened to change the global energy security equations.

And because the media has a strong share in involving Morocco, accusing it and distorting its image in “Qatargate”, it has had a share of the political pie, which is the allocation of a plenary session in the European Parliament devoted to undermining the Moroccan judicial institution and disparaging judicial decisions, in addition to issuing orders to the Moroccan authorities with full sovereignty, and that By re-trialing or releasing their accused journalist friends pending public right cases, the political cake is summed up in a decision condemning the deterioration of the press in Morocco, and here they were defending the investigative journalism to which the Moroccan prisoner “Omar Radi” belongs and to which the Spaniard Ignacio Combrero, known for his hostility to Morocco and his men, belongs. And his sanctities.

The list of “new protégés” includes Forbiden Stories, the Mediapart Group, El mundo, El Pais, Belgium’s Le Soir, and Le Figaro, among others. The new regulation, on the occasion of Qatar Gate, also included the media group of the Italian Agnelli family, namely GEDI Gruppo Editoriale S.P.A.

The “Qatargate” was blown up and Morocco was involved in a file concerning human rights in Qatar and its relationship with human rights organizations and the organization of the World Cup. I say that the timing was very important, as at that time the name of Morocco and Moroccans was on everyone’s lips and on the pages of newspapers and websites, and the world rejoiced at Morocco’s victory. Corruption and bribery from within the European Parliament…”

Where the idea was to exploit all that global positive media momentum for Morocco and the youth of Morocco by hitting him on his day of joy, and tarnishing his image on the day of Eid.

It is a situation that we would not let it pass, without follow-up or study and without dismantling the profiles of its heroes, whether the accused or others, or the Belgian judge who appeared to have an old hostile relationship with Morocco. In his capacity as a writer of police stories, he published a book: “Memories of the Countryside” about the countryside and drugs. Even the Belgian Minister of Justice, who has apparent conflicts with Morocco through his national community and through attempts to separate the community from its homeland, Morocco, and harass them, whether in religious matters or dwarf their political influence despite their integration and social elevation to great scientific, intellectual, sports, artistic and political positions.

We have noticed the threads of a large conspiracy woven by the Algerian intelligence with the help of its Belgian counterpart, which failed more than once to dismantle gangs or prove the accusation of espionage “Pegasus”, as well as its Italian counterpart, which cooperated with the Belgian judge, without neglecting the role of the French intelligence.

Algeria’s interest was apparent from day one, as accusing Morocco of bribing European parliamentarians, organizations and pressure groups in Brussels in order to influence voting decisions means questioning the legality and seriousness of all decisions issued in the Moroccan Sahara, agriculture and fishing files.

This prompted us strongly to sound the alarm in an urgent manner, as this questioning of the decisions of the European Parliament will open the way for the reproduction and dissemination of the separatists’ laundry again and give them new media spaces on the pages of investigative journalism and those hostile to national and territorial unity.

More than that, we followed the series of the European Parliament session devoted to studying the conditions of the press in Morocco, and it became clear that some members of the political groups driving this session/play belonged at the same time to the fact-finding committee in the Pegasus file, which negates the elements of objectivity and due impartiality from them. In such cases?

Which means, that we will be facing a new episode in the conspiracy series, when reading the report of the Pega Committee or Pegasus in the European Parliament next April, where the lobby (Algerian, Belgian, French, Italian…) opposing Morocco’s interests will push in the direction of criminalizing Morocco in the espionage file. Pegasus.

We have tried to take note of the “Qatargate” file through deconstructive articles, which contributed to its arrangement and content, the nature of media investigations that excelled on more than one occasion over judicial investigations, and also contributed to its production and the intensity and strength of the leaks that dominated the course of the “Qatargate case” until the day of the announcement of the signing of An agreement with the first accused, Panzeri, and an undertaking not to leak information related to the case, with the exception of official communications, i.e. communications from the Belgian investigating judge’s office, which means more control and guidance.

Our monitoring and briefing of the “Qatargate” issue came in eleven (11) headlines or points, which were explanatory, scandalous, and critical of some details of a hot conspiracy that was chosen for a cold autumn time in order to spoil the Moroccans’ joy with their national team and their royal and popular reception on the one hand, as well as in order to tarnish the image of Morocco. abroad and pressure it to bring it to its knees to make economic, political, financial and geostrategic concessions.

Source: tanja24