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European Airline to Start Implementing Child-free Areas

If you’ve ever been forced to endure a journey while a baby or toddler cries or screams the whole time, you may have wished there was a separate airline for adults alone.

Tired of listening to wailing infants and crying toddlers on your 10-hour flight? The problem may now be avoided thanks to Corendon Airlines’ “child-free zone” policy on flights between Schiphol and Curaçao. Corendon Airlines, which is controlled by the Turkish government, steps in with a new concept: the carrier recently made headlines by announcing the implementation of child-free zones on one of its routes.

Passengers who are older than 16 years of age will be permitted to enter the area designated as “Only Adult.”

Corendon is the first airline in Europe to provide this service, following in the footsteps of other overseas airlines like AirAsia, who pioneered the concept.

Child-free zones to be implemented aboard flights
Only Adults seating will soon be available on flights operated by the Turkish carrier Corendon between Amsterdam and the island of Curacao in the Caribbean. The carrier will launch the service starting November.

The section of the aircraft that does not allow children will be positioned in the front of the aircraft, and it will feature 93 seats allocated for passengers who are older than 16 years old.

Walls and curtains will be used to create a partition between the zone and the rest of the aircraft. Passengers will be required to spend an additional €45 for one trip in order to book a seat in the Only Adult section. Additionally, for an additional €100 each trip, nine passengers may purchase extra legroom seats.

Atilay Uslu, the owner of Corendon, said that the child-free zone is intended to accommodate travelers searching for more calm while they are in flight. According to Uslu, this also implies that parents who are traveling with children would have less need to worry about bothering other passengers.

“They can enjoy the flight without worrying if their children make a little noise,” the founder explained.

Curaçao, Bodrum, and Ibiza are just a few of the locations where Corendon also operates adults-only hotels.

Which other airlines provide seating areas that are off-limits to children?
Although Corendon is the first airline in Europe to provide adult-only sections, this service is already provided by a few companies located in other parts of the world.

Passengers aged 12 and older are permitted to use the Quiet Zone, which is available on AirAsia X’s A330 long-haul aircraft on long-distance trips.

Scoot, a low-cost airline located in Singapore, has ScootinSilence suites available on all of its Boeing 787 flights. These may also only be accessed by travelers who are above the age of 12.

At the same time, according to statements by TUI, KLM, and Transavia, the three airlines do not currently have any intentions to restrict the access of minors to certain areas of their aircraft.

However, it seems that travellers are excited about the prospect. In a poll carried out by Redfield and Wilton Strategies, 1,500 individuals in the United States were questioned whether or not they would support the introduction of child-free zones on public transportation.

A little less than sixty percent of respondents believed that an adult-only section on air planes and trains “would be a beneficial thing,” while twenty-seven percent opposed and fourteen percent were undecided.

Source: Breaking Travel News