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Here Comes the Sun: Temperatures to Reach 26° in Brussels

The sun will finally make a long-anticipated reappearance in Belgium on Thursday, bringing what feels like the first summery day in weeks.

In Brussels, the gloomy skies that have lingered over the region for weeks finally cleared on Wednesday evening, making way for blue skies and a golden sunset. From Thursday morning, temperatures will increase as a high-pressure area from Germany will carry stable and warmer continental air from the east to the southeast into Belgium.

Thursday will be sunny, with maxima between 20°C and 23°C in the south of Belgium and 23 to 25°C. Temperatures in Brussels could even reach 26°C later in the day, according to reports from the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI).

The skies will be clear throughout the day – over the course of the day, a few stacked clouds may form in some areas – and into the evening and night, with a very localised chance of fog or some low clouds at the end of the night, when it will cool down to temperatures between 8 and 16°C.

Friday will also start sunny though clouds will gather during the afternoon and the chance of a local shower will increase. It will be slightly warmer still, with highs of up to 23 or 24°C at the sea and in the Ardennes to 27°C in the centre.

Forecast for coming days

A full return to the summery weather in Belgium isn’t yet on the cards, as the weekend will be changeable.

Saturday will be alternately cloudy, with a chance of (thunder) showers, especially in the centre and east of the country. Temperatures will reach a maximum of 24°C in the centre and around 21°C at the sea and in the Ardennes.

Sunday will again see more sunny spells, but the skies will sometimes be covered with clouds, resulting in more local showers. Temperatures are expected to reach 23°C in the centre of the country while the coastal and mountainous areas in the south will record temperatures of around 20°C to 21°C.

Next week, Monday and Tuesday will be partly cloudy with a chance of showers, especially over the far south and west. Maximum temperatures will be between 20 and 24°C, while Wednesday will be partly cloudy with more local showers, but temperatures are still expected to hover around 24°C.

Source: Brussels Times