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If Plan Approved, Female Medical Students Will Take Exam: Afghan Council

The Afghanistan Medical Council said that after the approval of this council’s plan by the Islamic Emirate, the final exam for medical university will be taken by women.

Technical consultants of the council said they have sent the plan to the Islamic Emirate.

“After the approval of this plan we are ready to take exams of doctors that have graduated recently,” said Ahmad Shah, technical consultant of the council.

Farnosh is a medical student and said that after years of education, she is now concerned about their final exam.

“The exit exam is important and it’s not just an exam for doctors, it’s a path for our future and career, if we don’t take this exam, it will be the end of female doctors’ work and education,” said Farnosh.

Meanwhile, the Afghan Medical Council allowed four of the doctors who obtained the most points in the sixth round of the final examination of medical schools to work.

Some doctors asked the Islamic Emirate to give the exam to female doctors immediately.

“We request to give exams to female doctors so their fate is known, after all the effort they put in,” said Feroz, a doctor who got first position in this exam.

“Immediately provide education opportunities for every student and solve the challenges so students can complete their education,” said Ghulam Mujtaba, a doctor.

According to officials, the medical council in Afghanistan gave an exam and 30 percent of male doctors passed the exam and over the next two days they will receive their licenses from this council.