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Orange Belgium Incorporates Cable Footnote in New Fibre Bundle Branding

Operator to increase prices for slowest broadband in New Year. Low-cost mobile unit hey! adds fixed wireless internet 

Orange Belgium has launched four new fibre broadband packages, replacing its single Internet Home offering, that will see users on the slowest speeds see prices increase from January. 

To head off any issues with the Jury for Ethical Advertising (JEP), the telco has incorporated a footnote number into its branding, essentially to cover the fact it isn’t quite fibre all-the-way in Flanders where it is still using Telenet’s HFC for the last mile.  

In the not-so-small-print the telco points out the so-called “Fiber” packages feature “coaxial termination…allowing speeds of up to 1Gbps (subject to geographic availability).” 

As a result, the new packages are: Start Fiber [1] (150Mbps), Zen Fiber [1] (400Mbps), Giga Fiber [1] (1Gbps) and All-In Fiber [1] (1Gbps + My Comfort Service, ensuring a VIP experience, 4G backup, and free annual check). Existing customers will be transferred automatically. 

Orange will eventually use the Wyre’s full-fibre network – the joint venture of Telenet and Fluvius – once the rollout has been done.  

While prices will stay the same initially, from January the lowest tier will see prices increase €45 per month instead of €40 for fixed internet in the so-called Love pack (with mobile subscription and/or TV) and €49 instead of €46 for fixed internet only. Users with faster internet as part of the Love bundle via Orange’s optional boost will pay the same amount after that date. 

Meanwhile, users with a separate internet subscription of 400Mbps or 1Gbps will pay €2 less per month, resulting in €59 or €69 per month respectively. 

“Thanks to its state-of-the-art HFC network, Orange Belgium can already provide next-level connectivity while investing in future upgrades,” said Orange Belgium chief consumer officer Christophe Dujardin. “With this launch, we reinforce our Lead the Future-strategy as we deliver cutting-edge connectivity offers and services that enable fast, reliable, and accessible internet, for an excellent customer experience.” 

Budget brand Hey launches fixed wireless internet 

Although Orange may see some churn once it raises its fixed broadband lowest tier prices, it may be able to hold onto some users after its budget brand hey! added a fixed internet service to its mobile offer. After a three-month promotional period at €29, the subscription will cost €39 per month, including with a modem, placing it under Orange’s new Start Fiber [1] tier offering. 

Hey! stated the service will feature a download speed of 150 Mbps, 10 Mbps upload and unlimited data on Orange’s HFC meaning it will be targeted at residential and small business customers.  

“With the addition of home internet, the brand continues to evolve and adapt to customers’ needs, offering efficient digital servicing with appealing and multi-product customer propositions,” said Dujardin. 

Last month hey!, Orange Belgium’s digital brand launched in September 2021, doubled its data rates for users who can now choose from three packages: 2GB (€7/month and €5/month for those under 26 years), 20GB (€15/month and €10 for those under 26 years) or 80GB (€25/month and €20 for those under 26 years).  

As a result of the data doubling, these data volumes will increase to 4GB, 40GB and 160GB after one year. 

Source: Mobile Europe