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Polish PM Attacks Opposition Leader Ahead of Elections

Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister, has accused opposition leader Donald Tusk of lying to Poles by saying he would not leave Poland to take up a top EU post.

His comments come as campaigning for the October 15 general election heats up with both sides making routine, and sometimes personal, attacks on their political foes.

On Thursday, Morawiecki published a video recording on X (formerly Twitter) featuring a recent rally of the main opposition party Civic Platform (PO) in Legionowo, near Warsaw.

In the recording, PO MP Kinga Gajewska welcomes Tusk, the PO leader, with the words: “People are like the wind … There is the one that is perfectly blowing – Donald Tusk – before us.”

“It’s hard to disagree with that,” Morawiecki wrote, commenting on Gajewska’s words.

“Donald Tusk is blowing with the wind and is blown away by the wind in a perfect manner… Like he ran away with the wind from Poland to Brussels, even though he said he would never do it,” he added.

The recording also contains excerpts from two archival statements by Tusk in which he said “I’m not going to Brussels” and then “I come here, to Brussels, from the country…”.

In 2014, Tusk stepped down from being the Polish prime minister to become president of the European Council.

The video then puts up the caption “Don’t fall for him again!” and Morawiecki saying: “Donald runs away with the wind.”

Source: The First News