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Slovenian Media Accuses Ceferin of Falsifying Documents on His Resume

Aleksander Ceferin is making headlines in his native Slovenia after media outlet Prava published a damning investigation of the UEFA President.

According to the report, Ceferin allegedly lied on a point on his CV that, if known, would have invalidated his election as president in 2016. This alleged falsification comes after he was re-elected to the post for another four years. It is a similar accusation to the one he received in the past, when Ceferin was already able to prove that there were no irregularities

“UEFA has absolutely no concerns regarding the CV and qualifications of its new president and will not comment further on stories based on pure speculation,” Ceferin’s entourage said in 2016. The media outlet Prava is owned by former prime minister Jansa, who does not have good relations with president Ceferin.

The outlet explains that Ceferin claimed that he was a member of the board of Olimpija Bezigrad between 2006 and 2011, something Ceferin proved in the past that he had fulfilled.

This is, according to the Slovenian media, an important point for a UEFA president, as this point of experience is needed to be eligible for the presidency. A document on the Slovenian Football Federation’s website states that he was there.

There are no further investigations. For the time being, Ceferin is assured of his position until 2027 and this information, some of it repeated, does not seem likely to affect his mandate.

Source : Marca