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The progress of the investigation of the corruption scandal “Katargate”


“These cases are completely beyond imagination. Cash was handed out left and right, like in a bad detective story.”

Last Thursday, Francesco Giorgi appeared before a Belgian court, he was left in custody for another month. The Italian is one of the key figures in the Cathargate corruption scandal that has rocked the European Parliament. This is a partner of the former vice-speaker of the Greek woman Eva Kaili.

A few days ago, former MEP Antonio Panzeri agreed to cooperate with the investigation. He is considered the main organizer of the bribery of European legislators. In exchange, they contributed to the adoption of the necessary political decisions in favor of Qatar and Morocco.

Lawyer Francesco Giorgi noted, however, that the testimony of his client, as well as the chances of being released, were not affected by the fact that Panzeri promised the authorities to help uncover all the nuances of a criminal conspiracy. As part of a deal with the authorities, Panzeri’s daughter and wife are released in Italy after Belgium withdraws its request for their extradition. Pascal Arimond, a Belgian MEP on the centre-right, said:

“These cases are completely beyond the imagination. Cash was distributed right and left, like in a bad detective story, only our acquaintances participated in this. But I personally did not participate in this, like most people working in the European Parliament. And the perpetrators must be identified and severely punished. The confidence that the Europeans had in this institution must be restored.”

Marc Tarabella and Andrea Cozzolino are two other Italian MPs who are suspected of being involved in the scandal. Although the latter categorically denied all accusations against him during his speech in the European Parliament this week, both of these deputies may lose their immunity in the very near future. This will allow law enforcement officers to interrogate them.

A vote on the immunity of Italian deputies is expected next week or early February. However, the investigation is in full swing, and even before the final decision of the MEPs, other names may emerge and new confessions may be made.

Source: rua