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TikTokers Are Using AI to Plan Summer Trips to Europe’s Best Destinations at Very Affordable Costs

Some people are eagerly planning their summer vacation to European countries and some are enjoying their last few days in the office, leaving all the planning in the hands of artificial intelligence.

AI might put travel agents off work soon enough, as people have already started using this model for planning their vacations. TikTok user, Madison Rolley posted a video about how she used ChatGPT to make her itinerary this year and she recommends it, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

She says that ChatGPT helped her to plan a two-week trip to Europe for less than €1,000, and with the help of artificial intelligence, it is expected that travellers can hunt and find some of the best deals.

“Usually this would be a very very long process using a lot of different software tools and apps, and Chat GPT just sped that up real quick,” she said in her video.

The artificial intelligence website had prepared a to-do list for different destinations in Europe, with the estimated cost of accommodation and food at all four cities it had selected. Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen and Paris were potential destinations.

A commenter said that they had used the same itinerary and even added two more cities and the price didn’t surpass €1,200.

Former travel agent and current travel blogger, Jo Larson said that artificial intelligence poses a challenge for traditional travel agents.

“However, it’s important to remember that AI and human travel agents can coexist. Traditional travel agents can harness AI technology to enhance their services and provide tailored experiences that blend the best of both worlds,” he noted.

By combining the knowledge of AI and traditional travel agents’ tricks, travellers can have the best experience possible in 2023.

TikTok also has some tips for anyone that plans to travel this summer to Europe. A Tik Tok user, @simplyyykatie, points out that buying a seat reservation when visitors purchase their train ticket is a great way to have an enjoyable experience while visiting the zone.

Another TikToker advice is to avoid visiting Paris on Tuesdays, as all museums are closed.

Do not visit Paris on a Tuesday as pretty much all the museums are closed, including the Louvre,” she says in the video.

For this summer, Tik Tok suggests visiting Seville in Spain, Lisbon in Portugal, and Nice in France and, surprisingly, it is highly recommended to skip Venice and visit Burano instead.

Source: Schengenvisa Info