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More fines as littering and illegal dumping explodes in Brussels

Litter and illegal dumping remain persistent problems in the Brussels-Capital Region with almost 5,000 complaints registered in 2022; the number of fines also increased compared to the same period last year.

Bruxelles Propreté – the organisation responsible for waste collection in the city – drew up a total of 3,031 official reports throughout 2021. By 25 September, this number had already reached 2,354 and is expected to surpass last year’s total, reports La Capitale.

The number of reports of illegal dumping is even higher: 4,776 complaints were registered in 2022 up to 25 September – nearly double the number of fines issued.

In an effort to address the problem, Bruxelles Propreté is turning to mobile cameras: six functional cameras and six fakes are currently in use across the region, said Brussels Cleanliness Minister Alain Maron. The cameras are moved in response to complaints of dumping.

However, the majority of Brussels residents go to one of the five container parks in the Capital Region to deposit bulky waste. From 2024, the Recyparks in Anderlecht and the park at the Buda Bridge in Neder-Over-Heembeek will also be accessible to Brussels residents.

In the municipality of Jette, the Bruxelles Propreté site in the Rue Uyttenhove is currently being looked into as a possible suitable location for a new local recycling park.

Source: Brussels Times